Rapturous Thoughts

According to a Pew Report, 41% of Americans believe the rapture will happen by 2050 (presumably in their lifetime). Listen folks, there’s no difference between believing it will happen on a specific date, believing it will occur in your lifetime, or believing it will happen at all.

All of it is magical (and wishful) thinking. So, if you believe that the rapture will happen, and mock those who picked last Saturday as their ticket “home”, you should reconsider your position. 2,000 years of rapture predictions have happened with people thinking it will happen in their lifetime, and all of them have proven wrong.

What gives you the “faith” that God has picked YOUR life as one that Jesus will come back to earth for? Why do you insist that you are somehow more special than those other people? In fact, why do you have faith at all he will come back?