My Hosting Provider

Shameless Plug: My hosting provider,, has a program by which I can earn money by referring people to them. They’ve been very reliable, and it’s quite nice to have a place where I can host as many small domains as I like without tons of annoying hoops.
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Welcome to my new home on the web. I migrated my existing Drupal blog over to WordPress, because I simply like it much better than Drupal.

I decided to spend more time working on this blog, as I am currently working on some pretty cool stuff that I plan to release soon into the public domain. Look here for some more pretty cool stuff over the next year or so, I have a ton of programming ideas in the pipeline I am working on. I intend in the short term to be polishing up my Android skills, so look for some apps for the Android platform. First I will be re-releasing some of my old stuff, then I have a few new ideas as well.