App of the Day is now defunct.

It appears that Amazon is no longer doing the Free App of the Day program. As such I’m taking down the automation, and putting this notice up. If it goes up again, I’ll do my best to put up another tool.

I had fun developing this, drop a line or a donation if this was useful for you.


  • Freek Smulders

    Thanks, Brian!
    Has been a very useful Pushbullet channel!

  • Jason Delgado

    Thanks for your long service. Was extremely helpful and the best way to track it.

  • Pratik Jain

    Thanks Brian!
    All good things come to an end.. :(

  • Peter Bognar

    Thank you!

  • Esteban PĂ©rez

    Well that’s a shame, on the other hand, thanks a lot for this, it was the most useful channel to me.

  • EBhering

    Quite a shame. But from what I’ve read it wasn’t a very good policy for the devs. Never quite understood this strategy myself.
    Was there any explanation for the termination?

    • Brian Fields

      No explanation that I could find. The content simply wasn’t on their site anymore, and it looks like they are pushing “Amazon Underground”.

      You are most welcome!

  • Oscar

    Thank you for the updates! It was great.

  • charliearthur

    Thanks again! The AOTD “reminders” definitely saved me time and money. Donation sent!

    • Brian Fields

      Thank you very much for your donation! :)

  • Aniruddh D

    Thank you for this channel. Very useful pushbullet channel.

  • Dominik Ba


  • Trevor

    Thank you!

  • Ken

    It was a really good app. I spend more time on my laptop and forget to check on my tablet and phone. It was the most useful thing on Pushbullet.

  • Asemco

    Thanks a bunch Brian. You’ve saved me a bunch. I’ll donate when I get on my PC!

  • Greg Huber (Gatzby)

    Yep, you were the only reason I ever visited the app store! Thanks for your work. It was an awesome tool.

  • Alexander Ignis

    I’ll join my voice with that of the others here in thanking you! Thanks for the long service!

  • Anders Johnson

    I appreciate that you did this! I almost always dismissed it anyways, but I got a few good apps out of it! Thanks!

  • Pedromull

    Many thanks Brian, my app collection has benefited tremendously thanks to you.

  • Nick

    Bummer! Thanks for all the free apps you’ve got me!

  • InJennifersHead

    Thanks for this. It was very helpful while it lasted

  • Rainbow Moore

    So Sad,I really enjoy this&end up getting more apps shopping, think they’d like that!

  • Jordan Smellie

    Brian, thanks so much for putting work into this; it’s been much appreciated.

  • Timothy Kist

    Thanks so much! Was real helpful. Best one was Chu Chu Rocket. Loved that game on GBA!

  • Christopher Parker

    Thanks for your work! It was appreciated!

  • I Wonder

    This was SO helpful. Really the only reliable way to keep up with it. Thanks for your hard work!

  • Evan Purcell

    Extremely useful, thanks. Forgot this wasn’t an official feed too

  • Blackangel3942

    Amazon’s App of the Day is gone because they have a new service full of thousands of truly full apps as in no In-app Purchases. Read the article by Android Police below for info.

  • Amr Abdelazeem

    Hey, thank you Brian….can’t say I didn’t grab a good number of apps because of your work on this channel

  • Chris DiPrima

    Thanks for providing a great service to all of us.

  • Nick Saunders Sr.

    Definitely my most useful channel. Thanks for everything.

  • Etheo

    Thank you for maintaining this channel ! It was good while it lasted. This was actually the channel that got me all started with pushbullet, so it’s quite bittersweet. Thanks again!

  • Darp Nagarsheth

    Thanks man you helped me own FANFF series in frre (duh) well before FNAF4 came out. Thanks man appreciate it. Wondering do you get paid from any of the parties or was that just for fun.

    • Brian Fields

      I did it for fun.

      • Darp Nagarsheth

        Cool man. Can I or anyone contact you if came up with idea for a pushbullet channel? Cheers man.

        • Brian Fields

          Sure, but unless I have a particular interest in the project, I probably won’t do it for free.

  • Perry Mason

    RIP best channel ever. Thank you!

  • Donoho

    Thank You!