presents: Amazon’s Free App a Day Service, as an RSS Feed.

Amazon recently started up a new service for Android owners, a competitor to the Android market.

They’ve begun offering a “Free App a Day” service for their market, located here:

However, there’s no RSS feed or easy way to check the free app. So, I’ve written a web crawler to do it for you, and attached it to an RSS feed.

Simply click the RSS icon here:

You can then add the RSS feed to your favorite reader.

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  • jamisonf

    I was wondering if you could tell me if your following the title link for the app description/details since the data is an image on the front page?

  • nightwalker

    The title link should go directly to the application.

  • jamisonf

    I’m creating a a similar script to fetch the latest app of the day, im currently using yours for IFTTT (Thanks, BTW, Although it updates pretty late for me.) and i noticed when creating my own (So i dont unfairly use your work/resources) that when going through the source to fetch the description from the amazon app of the day frontpage its enclosed in an image, i thought there may be a work around for this you found such as using a mobile user agent to view a mobile version or something but no such luck… so i was wondering if you had to do what i did, which is pull the title, image, etc from the frontpage but have to find the url for the app of the day and do a second fetch of that page for the description?

  • nightwalker

    The reason it updates so late is that Amazon occasionally runs late, and I want to not add a bunch of abnormal traffic to their site.

    Yes, I do two page fetches to get the description.

  • nightwalker

    Actually – I’m incorrect – My latest version does not need two gets to get the information.

  • nightwalker

    Forgive me – I was wrong – I missed the code that clicks the link.

    Yes, there’s two clicks – One to go to the listing, one to get the description. My crawling app only does it once a day though, it then goes into a table which feeds the rss.

  • jamisonf

    Thanks i appreciate the reply. Just noticed (and it may be just at this moment and will be replaced) that if amazon is really late the feed duplicates apps, i assume once the app is obtained for the day its not called again until the next day, just wanted to point it out so you could check your title string compare function.

  • nightwalker

    When that happens, I re-run the feed by hand. However, in this case, it’s still yesterday’s app, even now – It’s more than likely they’ve decided to run it for two days.

    If I ignored it if the string were the same, then it would look like there’s no app today. Which I suppose is technically true, but I prefer to look at it as “The app for today is the same as the app for yesterday”.

  • nightwalker

    I’ve changed this tool to check once every couple of hours, and to do dupe checking on the name from today and yesterday.

    This means that it’s now fully automated.

  • dethrydr

    Looks good, thanks.

    • Brian Fields

      You’re welcome!