Zynga Farmville Spreadsheet *Updated 11/12/2009*

OK, I got a little annoyed by Zynga on Facebook, and I decided to make a little spreadsheet for Farmville to calculate the most efficient use of crops. My spreadsheet is attached, and I make no guarantees of any kind as to how useful it will be to you.

With that out of the way, towards the bottom of the sheet is two variables, Hours and Crop squares. Hours is the amount of time you are awake to dedicate to checking into your Farmville crops that are harvest-able in less than a day. Crop squares are how many squares you’ve plowed.

The green rows are crops that are harvest-able in a day or more. The yellow rows require special attention, as they are harvest-able in less than a day, and require constant supervision.

Order is the order you receive those crops – The data I have here is for crops that I have, you can plug in new ones as you get new levels. Simply paste-special, format on new rows to get the row coloring.

Cost is the initial crop cost, plow is the cost to plow a square, Gross is the gross payout for a crop, Profit is the difference between the costs and gross. CrpExp is how much experience you get from the crop, PlwExp is the experience from plowing a square. TotExp is the total experience per planting. For crops that take more than a day, Days is how many, for crops that are less, Hours is the number of hours. Hours/Day is taken from the variable square below. Rate/Day is the amount one square will yield for a single planting of a particular crop, Exp/Day is the amount of experience a single square will yield for a single planting. Rev/Day is how much total revenue you can expect for the number of squares per day, TotExp/Day is the total experience you can expect for the number of squares per day.

If you don’t have Microsoft Office, I suggest downloading Open Office, a free replacement.

Happy planting!

Download Here: Farmville-Crops